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shot during this morning's commute is on life support tonight. moments ago we learned his name. sgt young strum a father for and we have exclusive video right after the shooting of one chp officers that the trying to get help for a wounded colleague. i heard the shots that's when i looked around nine sides. did we this cell phone video shows a chp officers scrambling back to his car. as all when the cops started shooting the guy and as soon as cheap shot the guy in the jeep he ran to the police car and called for backup. the video shows to with the video shows is too graphic to show on tv. in the jeep driver suspected of shooting him slumped over the wheel. that is
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car belonging to the downed officer parked in front of the jeep. and happened around 830 this morning. we still don't know why he stopped next to deport people deep over the sergeant at john muir hospital that's where joliet goodrich's with new information. as we learn more about kenny was a u.s. army reserve in the city for seven years tonight is here with family by his side fighting for his life. shots fired an officer on the freeway. at the officers possibly down. a shooting that left the father of four and chp officer of seven years on my support. his family and extended family from southern california visiting throughout the evening. we hope for the vast amounts to come home. sergeant dan
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mcdermott says the officer is not only a co-worker he is a good friends. is one of those people dead will give you the time of the day when you have a problem. the chp is making a traffic stop when the driver opened fire another officer who arrived as back up shot and wounded the suspect he then helped the injured officer until paramedics arrived. the suspect was out of hospital they've learned she'd he was driving was last registered to a person in a point registered owner couldn't afford the telling fees and less in the hands of the 2 yd he hadn't seen as chief since until now. we haven't seen the suspect. the waves the officer on life-support a devoted family man who graduated from the chp academy in 2005 he was based at martinez for five years. what
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happened today was a sobering reminder to all. so it is a time that reflects the time to remember that when we get up and brushed her teeth at the job we have women not becoming home and as all of you know that every time you get into your car there's fatalities. kenny young sam is from cordele yet again a father for his family is visiting from the california by his side right now we're getting updates every half an hour of fellow officers here waiting for a positive word that his condition will change as of right now is on my supporters in walnut creek chili it's good cbs five. and as you'd expect the shooting treated quite a backup on interstate 680 all day long the southbound lanes didn't start opening back up until around 5:00 this evening drivers were diverted to have a 24 while investigators run scene. some good news to pass along about a san as a firefighter francis ryan will cup from a, after suffering a
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heart attack on the job last week family and friends had been by his bedside since run collapsed while responding to a three rimfire upon waking up he immediately asked for his friends. as we were to he said to remember it anything? not really. but later on we had some more conversation and i started crying and walked out of the room and i told them he's back. is still in critical condition as long as your mattene see you. but we anticipate that possibly within a few days he might be moves to a regular hospital room where more less can visit him and catch up with frank. doctors say these still faces a long recovery heart attacks and strokes are actually the leading cause of death for on duty fire fighters. crews are working hard to stop the spread of the big wild fire in northern california. ed
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burns a remote area of close accounting near highway 16 and south of highway 20 the fire has scorched 500 a. of rugged terrain those structures are friends that have a 16 year have a 20 intersection is closed to traffic as of last checkers have its contained. weather is a factor and it clearly tonight a quick check of the conditions there and neurologist paul. other hot dried it has in the '90s in london no rainfall or about 30 percent below normal for the year that may change as well as soon as tomorrow some of you will see some thunderstorms not everyone though it will be widely scattered but there is some moisture heading away. when not to talk about the marine layer. where tempters are running five to 10 degrees cooler than this time yesterday opened 59 the more youre already down to 66, a 63 sandras a 53 and in san francisco downtown 55 degrees here's a look at high debt doppler the strongest red around the region and maybe
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using it to mar his of the south they drive for now that a slight chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow for san jose and milpitas sunnyvale and cupertino all the slight chance of a thunderstorm coming up tomorrow for night's nice getting under door for the kids of the bus stop tomorrow tomorrow because you have been foggy will be a little bit stronger than has been over the past couple of nights and partly cloudy skies in until drop down to the mid fifties this talk about the change because it is pretty significant not all of you that rainfall but all of us will see increasing cloud cover and is because of this there is a trouble spot tropical system down to the south we're talking 700 mi. away its but close enough the tropical moisture will be heading in our direction giving as it thunderstorm chance. and also portions of southern california today we will get different effects of that tomorrow but tomorrow morning was seen increasing clouds and the south bay and by tomorrow afternoon stretches the evening even into
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thursday a slight chance of a thunderstorm but widespread cloud cover comes into the bay area so what to expect for tomorrow night dog pushes further inland and clouds increase by tomorrow afternoon and that's like thunderstorm thunderstorm chance late tomorrow morning forecast coming up. and for those of you just extraneous on csi tonight the ones give you an update on our top story we now know the name of the chp officer who was critically wounded in the rush hour shootout the bay area freeway this morning his sergeant canyon young strum a seven year chp veteran and a father for. we have also just learned that he is on life support tonight at john muir hospital in walnut creek. sgt unstrung with shots during a traffic stop on interstate 680 in alamo this morning as second
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officer fired back kaelin the other driver and we'll have much more on this developing story is nice and 11. did waves obama's to the stage of the democratic national convention. not the president but his wife to me the appeal to american voters to re- elect has been. political reporter crazily with what was set on the first day of the convention. the first lady praise for has been in tonight's speech to says he is " a man we can trust to revive the nation's weak economy as president. daniel lang and others beachball that while the democratic base. did waves democrats cheered as first lady michelle obama's took the stage at the party's national convention in charlotte. she said the white house hasn't changed her husband's character or convictions. i love that we can trust brought to do what he says he's going to do even when it's hard it is best when it's hard.
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she praised her husband's health care reform law. he didn't care whether it was the easy thing to do politically that's not hit and how he was raised. he care that it was the right thing to do. brought her speech the first lady work demands voters that her husband understands the struggles of the middle-class. brock knows the american dream because he is live did. and he wants everyone in this country and to have the same opportunity matter who we are or where were from or what we look like or who we love. president obama's watched his wife speech with their two daughters. women would make a difference in as close race and the first lady made a direct appeal to them. he believes that there more than capable of making and choices about our bodies and our health care. that's what my husband stands for.
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the first lady asked voters to come together behind her husband as they didn't 2008. daniel nottingham's cbs news charlottes. is a huge opening for the first lady and tomorrow for president bill clinton will speak informally placed president obama's name in nomination then the president gets his turn to address the nation when the excess his party's nomination. internal changes to this year's democratic national platform but there's no mention of the word god. democrats have also dropped a previous position that jerusalem is the capital of israel. top republicans are accusing democrats now taking a radical shift on israel but official u.s. policy must like most other countries is that the status of jerusalem remains contested and that israel occupies arab lands in east jerusalem. and the currency have live reports from the democratic convention throughout the week you can also go cbs sf dog, for live streaming video as well as our live twitter wall the
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pentagon says a former navy seal who is among those who shot and killed osama bin laden's merrilies sensitive formation of a new boat on the reagan an easy day hit bookstores today about the number of best sellers list #1 the author is the first member as seal team 6 to explain what happened on know that the ban on compound cbs evening news anchor scott pelly spoke with them in the skies and with an altered voice. the waves was the planned to kill osama bin laden's or capture him before you went in? this is absolutely not a killer only mission. it is made very clear to us throughout our training for this tax if given the opportunity this is not an assassination you'll capture him alive if feasible. that was the preferred thing. to take him alive if you could.
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to ban guns compounds and pakistan. the 16 this special aviation's regimens who at top level on a moonless night to avoid pakistan the air defenses. how the retarded and prepared to slide down ropes into compounds but then everything went wrong. it owns chopper. and all suddenly bankcard 90 degrees wednesday went hard 90 was very apparent that something was wrong something about the downdraft in the complex of walls below caused the heavily loaded helicopter to falter in the air. did waves these pilots
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are the best in the world don't get better than them and said the delayed the move right in this tickets. it's like parking a car for them. and it was a rough ride so something was obviously going on. there is flooding out of the sky. as a helicopter was going down we thinking? this is going to sap. while. the attorney for the author and says they contain no classified information you can see the entirety of scott pelly sent to be this sunday on 60 minutes. did we its chile was heard from a viewer about a problem not of us here the station had ever heard of. and something you should know about. jenny change called our help line 185 helps you after an incident at his downtown mall in san francisco. her brother drove
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her to the mall in part to the parking lots. she went inside and shocked by the mall had their car towed. i was in the mall the sign says were patrons of the mall. i'd have receives joined that i was in the mall at the time that they decided to tell when i was shopping. yet waves you think the moment a mistake right? snow the mall is unapologetic why they said they had the rights to tell the car the story is coming up tonight at 11:00 on cbs five. still, the special 10:00 newscast ends where hackers say they found the information on millions of of users. and when you got to go why not go with the best. the bay area restaurant looking for
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the hacker says the fbi access to information about millions about users backers boast online with a clamor the ideas of more than a million and iphones and ipods and they say this is part of the more than 12 million ideas they got from the laptop of fbi agents. as a this afternoon there been no independent verification zapata's claims are true. there is no evidence indicating that fbi laptop is compromised or that the fbi and irs sought or obtained to this data and close. and read it very decided to recommend the newest member of our csi team team from seattle
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and he must be feeling at home from the looks of the weather outside here in san francisco. there's no truth to the rumor that brought the rain down with me but for the first time early in september in the middle of our dry season we're talking about is like timing chance of thunderstorms but a chance of rain on a less the marine layer has made it down to the top of telegraph hill and we're talking about whatever is deceiving the changes already begun. in the city had 55 as a 55 4/6 thing high death doppler strongest rate are in the bay may be used more will be watching now us in danville also among the greek north on six cities to concord there's a slight chance of thunderstorms coming up tomorrow for some nice getting out the door early tomorrow some of you of an early getting the kids ready for school and yourself before work i will begin fog in the day fog year the past couple of days 53 will be partly cloudy skies in and 56 in the coasting cloudy can see the clouds the
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wind and offshore jobless for colored lycra and the television screen is donald mexico but some of that moisture will be moving in our direction and that will give us cloud cover for all of us in a slight thunderstorm chance for some of us tomorrow only 10 to 20% coverage but the chance on the less in future cast is big in the south for one to deny to early tomorrow that's when the clouds and you see a couple spots a grainy maisie's hours he tomorrow night. and aside chance of cochrane 88 school event today fremont 77 simmer fell top announced at 81 your extended forecast calling for a high of 89 degrees a little cooler on thursday with a slight chance of thunderstorms and by friday the moisture is out of here and will be back to the sunshine right now the
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weekend is does look excellent back to you. the bay area can claim some world class when marcus for shoreham and soon we may be able to claim another we're ,,,, san francisco beautiful
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city has its share of luxury leg marks for sure and soon they may include a new that's right local businesses vying for the throne of america's best restroom. an annual contest by bathroom supply co. cbs five reporter linda yee on what makes its fancy facilities still grates. so what makes a good public toilets? not in america's best restroom conte has anything to say about it. and these photos of the country's top 10 finalists prove the competition is tough. did we take a fancy ego friendly fresher at fletcher's at the hollywood
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bowl or this $1.2 million for a room with gold-plated faucets and vegas nightclub. then there's this downtown san francisco's own luxury loom as a tom restaurant. a severance as restaurants are so small that every little piece matters and sides in no expenses barry campaign wallpaper and steep lighting fixtures and customary. an esp urinal and toilets. there's no detail of a look here. this guy found disfavored toilets in berlin germany. paulists clean you can probably even before he wants to blow online voters would choose america's number one at best restaurant out,. some of the restrooms are exotic others are inexplicable. the people think they have a fighting chance. this item is
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looking pretty dead but it isn't just style that's going to make it the best of america know it also has to be hygienic. clean, good, and from less since it does it well. did we is the winner gets bragging rights and a spot in the restroom hall of fame. in san francisco lindi's cbs five. we have another and nail biter at at&t part of the forty- niners take their team pic [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening. hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps you move ahead with confidence. so when the conversation turns to your financial goals...
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turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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the team in that category he's trying to stop the bleeding tonight instead o'clock. bulls on allowed six runs in three and a third the big blow and helen to the bleachers to make it 62 arizona but these are the comeback kid. and right now is six to six giants threatening bottom of the eighth inning stay tuned. jerry parker went into the last three starts facing the angels base set up the middle. parker was seven minutes allowing just two runs. three to one angels the wind 6 to one zak allows just four hits in seven innings and gets the wind. 49ers had 13 pager this afternoon but jim harbaugh was not there. he was seen running out of the locker room to attend the birth of this child's there does. an erotic and what martine delco
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gel rained out of the u.s. open title six in the first seven and will resume tomorrow in what could be wrought x and final match. ♪
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